Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A great article on how to clean a jetted bathtub

 Cleaning a jetted tub has gone through changes in the last few years, newer technologies and products have come on the market to actually attack the gunk and bio-film that reside on the jetted pipe walls. Bleach, vinegar and detergents used in dishwashers just do not cut it and have been scientifically proven ineffective. In fact they are just adding to the bio-film and coating the bacteria ... not actually removing it. A bio cleaner is needed to extract the bio-film, bacteria and other gunk that is on the jetted tub pipe walls, something that acts similar to an enzyme, cleaning your body rid of germs and bacteria.
 1 Purchase a good Bio Cleaner which is specifically used for jetted tubs.
 2 Fill your jetted tub up about 1-2 inches above the highest jet output
 3 For inquiring minds, run the jets for a minute or two, then turn the jets off, see, if there is something that looks like black or brown flakes in the bottom of the tub. If you do, that's gunk or chips of bio-film that has loosened up while you are running the jets. If you don't just wait a few minutes.
 4 Add the manufactured recommended amount of bio cleaner to your jetted tub water.
 5 Turn on the jets and leave it running for 10-15 minutes. Most bio cleaners are foaming and will foam up about 12 inches. Don't worry about the foam, because it plays a role to clean up the gunk. Ring around the tub As the bio cleaner is working you will notice a dark ring around the tub, just about the top of the foam. This is where the bio cleaner deposits the gunk that rises to the water surface.
 6 Turn the jets off after the allotted time. The foam will start to recede and leave you with a dirty "ring around the tub"
 7 Try not to let the gunk around the tub to get back into the water, use a paper towel to wipe it clean. Just Remember you have bacteria, human skin, oils and a number of uncharted gunk on the walls, so just wipe clean and throw the refuge out into the garbage and use gloves. 8 Drain the tub of the water, which by the way, should look pretty clean. use some of the water to wipe the tub down. Make sure any flakes on the bottom go down the drain. If this is your first time cleaning your jetted tub with a bio cleaner, you have just opened up Pandora's box, because the bio cleaner that you left in the pipes is continuing to work on gunk that this initial cleaning did not get to.

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